Learning and Teaching


Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching



Oral Language Supporting Early Literacy (OLSEL) has been a key focus of St Michael's Primary to support development of and to facilitate early literacy development. We specifically target the development of oral language skills in the early years of schooling with a particular focus on the first year of schooling.

At St Michael's we offer a personalised approach to literacy encouraging students to explore their passions through a variety of reading, writing and oral language activities. 


At St Michael's we base our numeracy programs on a rigorous assessment process involving the 'PAT Maths'  and 'I Can Do Maths' tests developed by the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) and the Mathematics Assessment Interview (MAI). This along with many other formative assessment processes and the NAPLAN test ensures we can clearly identify areas of strength and gaps for future development. As with literacy, explicit instruction is a central focus for our quality teaching practices in numeracy. We also embrace open-ended learning tasks which are supportive and challenging to ensure we provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understandings in a range of contexts.

Religious Education

Prayer is central to the life of St Michael's with students frequently involved in preparing and sharing prayers in class and with the whole school community. Our school has strong connections with the St Peter's Parish and with community organisations. The Religious Education curriculum is a core aspect of learning across the school with a key focus on living through Sacramental Life.


Inquiry-Based Learning

St Michael's offers many engaging opportunities for students to explore their learning in creative ways. Our Inquiry-based learning program covers varying aspects of the curriculum on a rotating basis. This includes investigation of areas such as Science (Physical, Chemical, Space, Earth, Biological), History (Colonisation, Special Celebrations, Federation) and Wellbeing.  


St Michael's Sports Day.

St Michael's Sports Day.

Health and Physical Education

Physical Education and Sport are an important aspect of all children’s education at St Michael's Primary School. In the junior school students develop their basic motor skills and enjoy being involved in simple games and athletics based activities. The emphasis is on providing a foundation for later years and the fun that participation in physical activities and sport can bring. In the senior school these fundamental skills are developed and then applied to more complex games and activities. There are many opportunities through Goldfield's Athletics, Cross Country and other regional sports activities for students to represent St Michael's.




Weekly Italian lessons take place in each classroom in a very engaging fashion. Francesca is an engaging teacher who uses a significant amount of music and tactile learning activities to maintain a high level of enthusiasm from her students. St Michael's annually participates in the local Swiss Italian Festival.



Art lessons include a myriad of learning opportunities for the students at St Michael's. A variety of visual arts activities including drawing, painting and three-dimensional design are key areas of focus throughout the art's curriculum. 


St Michael's offers an engaging music program where students learn to participate in small ensembles using a variety of instruments such as Boomwhackers, handbells and glockenspiels. The classroom program complements further learning opportunities offered including the biannual Art's Night and School Production.