Our Community


Our Community

Our Community

School Advisory Council

The St Michael's School Advisory Council’s primary role is to support and give advice to the Principal in matters which affect the ethos of the school. 

The responsibilities of the School Advisory Council are:

  • assisting with the preservation and promotion of the school’s Catholic ethos and culture

  • providing informed advice to the canonical administrator

  • assisting with planning for the present and future operating of the school

  • passing on information about Catholic education to the community

  • formulating, ratifying and revising school policy (with staff)

  • overseeing school finances

  • participating in regular formation activities

Current SAC members:  Shane Richardson (chair), Clare Cummings (deputy chair), Jodi Flockhart, Matt Pearce, Kim Sims, Ben Shields, Ethan Corfee, Fr Gary Jones


Parents Association

The main role of the Association is to raise the remainder of the required local contribution funds which are not met by school fees.  This is achieved through various fundraising activities.  Fundraising money is used to assist with the running costs of the school.  All monies raised go directly to St Michael's and are used for a variety of purposes: including maintenance of buildings, repairs, purchase of library resources, purchase of sports resources, contribution towards special days and camps/excursions.

The Association is also a main agent for  socialising and the building of community spirit within the St Michael's School Community.  The current executive consist of :  President - Clare Cummings, Vice President - Tegan Booth, Treasurer - Robyn Hartmann, Secretary - Kaitlin O’Halloran